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At New MexiCann Natural Medicine, our number one focus is the well-being of our patients. We aim to provide the highest quality, all-natural medical cannabis available in New Mexico and an unmatched level of service and education. We are committed to ensuring our farms are sustainable and our cannabis is consciously grown with respect for our planet’s environment.



– Knowledge

Each of our budtenders will take the time to get to know our customers and what their needs are as well as the products on the shelf. They are informed on what effects will be achieved through different methods of ingestion, and understand health and safety regulations for the storage of edibles  and proper bud handling technique.

– Consultations

Can cannabis help you? Find out with a discreet, professional evaluation with one of our board certified MDs.  Personal consultations get you started safely with information on common forms of cannabis, starting dosages, and titration guides.  New patients and renewals seen at every dispensary.  Our helpful staff answers questions on filling out registry forms and caregiver rights.

– Education

In our pursuit of holistic health, wellness, and education we offer several different classes from yoga to cooking at our Santa Fe location. Classes are held for patients and non-patients alike!

– Product


New Mexicann provides the best available medicine. We have layers of quality control systems designed to ensure that any medicine that leaves our facility will exceed our patients’ expectations.  All of our  cannabis is tested by a local third-party testing facility to accurately gauge THC, CBD, and CBN content, and insure that there is no pesticides, molds, or fungus.